quinta-feira, 7 de abril de 2011



Donatto was born in Cruz Alta, Brasil in 1958. Early on he discovered his interest in drawing, copying superheroes from comic books. Even in the South, he studied technical drawing. He moved to Brasilia in 1976.
In 1983 the artist entered the aviation business, starting, then, a true pilgrimage by major museums and galleries in the country and later the world. In 1993 began the painting, putting in the screens that was before a constant learning, and to perfect his technique, he studied drawing at the Department of Arts, UNB In 1997. On those occasions when he used to fly to New York where he remained for several days once a month, did Sketch Classes at The Art Students League of New York. He also participated in 1997, a Workshop at the Metropolitan Museum of New York.
Human anatomy has always been its strong, providing deep relationship with his art studies of the great masters of classical painting. The famous studies of the anatomy of the Renaissance painters are his main influence.
Currently also developing techniques for coal and oil on canvas, with its realistic drawings, however, the need for change that is inherent in the creative process of every artist, is leading him to experiment with a concept and expressionist more analytical about the man himself whose anatomy was your previous search. Thus, using forms as well, but the external forms of man. Traces of nature, organic or geometric, are present in his painting and his sculpture, this was done in carbon steel, of pure character, where the simple and minimalist cutting, folding and oxidation gives the different forms that are his constant demand.
With experience gained over the years, his works were taking personality. His resume includes participation in several solo and group exhibitions, in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. In the years 1998, 2000, 2002 and 2003, was invited to exhibit their creations at the event Casa Cor Brasília. The artist is currently in its best stage, more mature and creative.
The painting is the basis of art and artist Donatto penetrates this universe with the concept of rational human element, looking for the eternal seduction by their perfect shapes in the layout of the details. Influence on the portrayal of everyday life remains the man, now in simple concepts, but not in depth and suggested limits to the imagination, by contrast, leads us to consider beyond the image, dream ... invent ...
The unfinished building, almost fragmented, is the main focus of his works, providing a follow up, your work on screen. The feeling is that after traveling with the attention his work is to be in a gallery of feelings, where the painting begins and ends in his hands in defiance of an excited look.

Andrea Cristina